If you need to wash your clothes you can make use of our laundries. They can be found in the basements of blocks A, B, C & F, on the first floor of block E and on the second floor of block D. Laundry room reservation is possible in the reservation sheet at the gatehouse, where at the time of reservation you will also receive a key from the room.

Operating rules:

  1. Respecting the night piece is mandatory, thats why washing is from 22:00 to 6:00 probibited at blocks D & E. Drying room can be used to 24:00.
  2. One cycle of washing in the washing machine is priced at 30 CZK/hour, drying in the dryer is priced at 20 CZK/hour. For every following hour the charge remains the same.
  3. The laundry can be borrowed only once a week.
  4. Washing is allowed only on the washing machine borrowed by the person.
  5. Laundry can be reserved. It is done by writing name and room number in the corresponding line for the corresponding washing interval and washing machine.
  6. The book of reservations is divided into two hour intervals, only 4 hours can be reserved for one day (That means two two-hour-long-intervals.) The charge for the washing machine is counted until the time of return.
  7. Keys from the washing machine need to be taken at least 30 minutes after the start of reserved interval. Otherwise the reservation cancels and the washing machine can be borrowed by someone else.
  8. After washing the clothing is either put into the dryer or hanged at the drying room and the key is returned. For pick up the key needs to be borrowed again at the gatehouse and returned in 30 minutes or there will be a fee as large as the price for washing.
  9. Reservation cancel is being done at the gatehouse, the corresponding line is whited out and another person can reserve the time & the washing machine.
  10. If someone crosses someone else out and writes himself/herself in the corresponding line in the book of reservations that person is no longer allowed to reserve the laundry.
  11. The washing machine needs to be cleaned after each use. Especially the container for powder and fabric softener.
  12. Violation of operating rules will be tackled by the dormitory group.