If you need to cook/bake something for yourself on block C, D, E or F, you can use kitchen on each floor of the block equipped with oven and stove.

Operating rules for the kitchens at Podolí Dormitory

Part I - Operator

The operator of the kitchen is the Service Facilities Administration of the CTU (furthermore referred to as SÚZ ČVUT), address Na Lysině 772/12, 147 00 Prague 4-Podolí.

Part II - General data

The kitchen is a room intended primarily for the preparation and heating of meals for people staying at the Podolí Dormitory. It is located in the central part of the corridor in blocks C, D, E, F.

Part III - Kitchen operating rules

  1. A person using the utilities of the kitchen is called a kitchen user (furthermore referred to as user) and upon entering the room agrees to the Operating Rules, the Accommodation Rules, the House Rules and the Accommodation Scenario and agrees to follow them.
  2. The User is obliged to keep the kitchen in order, especially during the night time (which is set at 22:00 - 7:00), so as not to disturb other residents of the block. It is forbidden to move or remove furniture in the kitchen without the consent of the Podolí dormitory management. The user is obliged to treat the kitchen equipment with respect and to handle it in a way that does not damage it.
  3. It is forbidden to smoke or use addictive substances in the kitchen. All food and beverage packaging must be removed when leaving the room. There is a mixed waste bin in the room which can be used.
  4. While using the kitchen it is necessary to respect the principles of health and safety at work and fire protection - do not manipulate with open flames, put hot things on a non-flammable surface, do not leave the electric devices switched on.
  5. The user is obliged to keep the floor, table, shelves and other kitchen equipment clean. In the event that a user damages the kitchen equipment or the kitchen itself, it must be dealt with immediately by logging it in the fault system or, if possible, attempting to prevent the problem from spreading and reporting it to the college management immediately afterwards. If damage is found to either the kitchen equipment or the kitchen itself, the user must report it immediately to the fault system.
  6. Upon leaving, the user must check the condition of the space he/she has been using until that time and return it to its original condition and clean it up. Switch off the hot plates or electric cookers, chairs must be returned to their original place. If he/she is the last occupant of the room, he/she must return the room to its original state, i.e. close the windows, turn off the lights, check and tidy the rest of the room.
  7. It is forbidden to tamper with the wiring and connection of microwave ovens in any way.
  8. The User shall not disturb others e.g. by loud music from loudspeakers and shall immediately turn it down at the request of another resident.
  9. Kitchen users must follow the instructions issued by the dormitory management. Failure to obey or respond to this rule is a violation of room rules!
  10. Any violation of the Operating Rules will be punished according to the restrictive measures listed below or according to the applicable laws of the country.
  11. Items left in the kitchen area will be removed without replacement during regular cleaning performed by the cleaning company.

Part IV - Restrictive Measures for Violation of Regulations

  1. The following possible sanctions are established for violation of any item in Part III, depending on the severity of the violation (each offense will be judged individually):
    1. An email warning with a deadline for correction,
    2. alternative penalty to be agreed with the Head of Podolí Dormitory,
    3. a warning to withdraw from the accommodation contract
    4. referral to the Police of the Czech Republic,
    5. enforcing the financial compensation of the SÚZ ČVUT for the damage caused by the user in the kitchen.
  2. The decision on the sanction is made by the management of the Podolí Dormitory.
  3. All sanctions can be cancelled by the head of the Podolí dormitory.

Part V - Final provisions

  1. These operating rules shall become effective immediately upon their posting on the official dormitory bulletin board located in the Podolí dormitory gatehouse.