Contact to current manager can be found in Contacts page under Director’s head office.

The room is used for storage of bikes, it can be found in the ground floor of block F. For gaining access the manager needs to be visited and the declaration of bike room member must be filled in and signed. After that the key to bike room can be borrowed at the gatehouse.

Lending of tools

Bike room members have access to club’s tools for basic maintenance. Keys from the cabinet can be borrowed from the bike room manager or deputy manager after an agreement via e-mail (

Bike room

Operating rules

  1. The bike room has a capacity of 36. Bikes are stored in racks.
  2. Only a member of the dormitory club living in Podolí dormitory can be a member of the bike room.
  3. The bike room membership authorizes to borrow keys from the room no. F107 of the Podolí dormitory, Na Lysině 12, 147 45 Prague 4 (hereinafter referred to as the bike room), at gatehouse of the Podolí dormitory and to place a bicycle in the bike room.
  4. Keys from the bike room will be lended by the gatekeeper only to members of the bike room against a valid dorm ID card (i.e. a dorm ID card with a photograph, marked with a room number identical to the number in the list of members at the gatehouse).
  5. Membership in the bike room can be obtained by a personal visit to the manager of the bike room after prior agreement and by signing the Declaration of membership of the bike room (can be sent to email
  6. The manager of the bike room assigns the number of the stand to the new member if there is spare capacity.
  7. The member of the bike room is obligated to follow the following rules:
    1. drilling into walls, floor and ceiling is prohibited,
    2. sticking posters is prohibited,
    3. damage to the equipment of the bike room and other members’ bikes is prohibited,
    4. bikes may only be placed in the stands (unless otherwise specified).
  8. A member of the bike room may ask the bike room manager to lend the tools that the bike room possesses. The manager of the bike room shall issue the requested tools to the member. The member of the bike room undertakes to use the tools with consideration and not to waste consumables. The tools must be returned on the same day or at the date and time agreed upon the loan.
  9. The member of the bike room is obliged to help with cleaning of the bike room at least once a year after an e-mail request, in case of failure to fulfil this obligation, membership of the bike room may be terminated by the manager of the bike room.
  10. The member is obliged to report any damage to property to the manager of the bike room immediately upon discovery, otherwise the member is liable for it.
  11. The operator of the bike room is not liable for the theft or damage of property, each member is liable for the security of his bicycle and confirms it by submitting a declaration to the manager of the bike room.
  12. The bike room manager is obliged to check always at the beginning of the new academic year whether any of the existing members of the bike room have terminated their stay on the dormitory and, if so, terminate their membership. If this member has left his bicycle in the bike room, the manager is obliged to contact him and arrange a vacancy with him.
  13. If there is a queue for places in the bike room and the bike room manager finds an unused empty stand for 1 month. He can exclude a member of the bike room using this empty stand at the same time and assign it to a new member of the bike room.
  14. If the bike room manager evaluates a bicycle located in the bike shop as disabled and its owner as inactive, he can eliminate this member and arrange with him to vacate the disabled bicycle.
  15. If there is a bicycle in the bike room that is not claimed for one semester, it will be excluded to the collection yard or forfeit to the Pod-O-Lee club.
  16. By entering the room, all visitors agree with video recording, which can be used in case of violation of any of the rules. The handling of camera footage is regulated in IP1/2020 Camera system.