All boxing bags and boxing speedbag is out of order until further notice.

Operating rules

All members who are training in our gym must be acquainted with operating rules!

How to register in our Pod-O-Gym

  1. Find any card with a chip. It can be any card with a chip such as your ISIC, or TESCO card, or just a chip you have for accessing to another facility e.g. canteen. You cannot use your credit card.
  2. After you picked your card take it to the entrance and put it 5 times on the card reader right next to the door. Remember the date and the time when you did this.
  3. Send mail to person responsible for registration (“televizors” - or to mailing list In message body specify time, date and your Hydra ID.


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Pod-O-Gym is open every day from 05:00 to 23:00.

Pod-O-Gym is the second biggest Gym of CTU Student Union with area of 340 m². It is located in the same building as canteen of Podolí and the entrance is from the right side of the building. All the information regarding payment can be found on our website here:

Main rule for becoming member of our gym is that you must live in our dormitory Podolí. That means we are not registering new external members now.

Exercise machines & free weights

We use various machines from company HBP.

We have at our disposal dumbbells ranging from 0,5kg to 55kg. Kettlebells from 6kg to 32kg. 6 Barbells, 6 smaller specialized barbells and over 1 ton of weights. Weight plates we use are mainly from companies Ivanko and StrongGear.


Two spinners NXT, two treadmills, elliptical, rowing machine Concept2D, stationary bicycles and everything is ready for your training. We even have TV so you can watch your bellowed show while getting in better shape.

Cardio room photo 1

Tatami room

In this room (72 m²) as name suggest are tatami – foam floor. The room is tailored for training in martial arts. We have boxing mitts, boxing blocks, heavy bags, teardrop heavy bag, speed bag and double end bag. We even have some boxing gloves and some body protection prepared for you (you need to bring your own bandages).

For calisthenics we have TRX®, BOSU®, Olympic rings, parallel bars, FLEXI-BAR®, medicine balls, cardio MMA ropes and a lot of other equipment. You can also find equipment for relaxations of muscles and basic small therapeutic equipment.

Aerobic room photo 1


For climbing enthusiasts, we have a small boulder.

Boulder room photo 1


Sauna room is a dry type of sauna (only heat) for 2 to 4 people. It is imperative to read our rules before using sauna, in which you will also find how to pay for sauna.

You can reserve sauna from reservation system here:

How to turn on and use sauna room

  • You can choose the duration of reservation from minimum 1h to maximum 3h.
  • Sauna works with automat for coins located next to main entrance to sauna room on the right side. It accepts coins with value of 20 and 50 Kč.
  • One hour of sauna costs approx. 90 Kč. After inserting money to the automat, it takes sauna room approximately 45 minutes until it is heated to 80-90°C.
  • You are not allowed to directly touch wood in sauna room with any part of your body (applies also to the bottom of your feet). You can only touch wood indirectly through towel or sheet.
  • You cannot use sauna under influence of alcohol or any other narcotics.

Cleaning sauna

  • After finishing sauna, you must carefully clean all used surfaces with paper towels and disinfectant located on right side of the main entrance door.
  • Floor is to be wiped with mop.

If you encounter any problems with sauna room regarding damage, or other, you must e-mail these to Pod-O-Gym manager (contact) in the beginning of your reserved time!

Regular and occasional courses

Every semester there are some courses in our gym. Courses are free and conducted by enthusiasts from our gym.

The most important one from occasional courses is “How to train”. This one hour course is usually held on the start of every new academic year. So if you are not sure how to start in the gym, or you do not have partner for training, you might just find answers to both in this course.