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PC room is placed in the block C basement. When accessed via the main block door to the left, downstairs, through the first door on the left.

Access is granted to every Pod-O-Lee member with the basic membership.

If you have trouble accessing the PC room, visit a televizor which will tell you how to proceed. Printer and small library is located at the PC room.

PC room: Main room
PC room: Second room with whiteboards


Books are in czech. Collection composes of professional books as well as novels, fantasy, sci-fy, horrors and criminal.

You can borrow the books on your own, without the need to agree with anybody. You can also leave any book of your own.

PC room: Library



Print prices were stated to be 0,90 CZK for a monochromatic page and 4 CZK for colored page (price of paper included).

In order to use the printer a credit needs to be payed. Credit can be raised via e-mail agreement.

In order to start printing on our printer, you have to contact one of administrators of PC room (Contacts page).

After registration, you can login to web interface of print system: To check printing credit you can login to your virtual wallet:

Important reminder

  • Sending scanned document by emial is not working yet. If you wnat to scan, you have to scan to USB drive.
  • Do not forget the fact that the printer prints coloured pages primarily, if you need to print monochromatic, you need to have it set correctly. Photography print is prohibited.

Questions, objections and malfunctions can be sent to

PC room: Printer