A fully equipped and with noise cancellation installed music room is available for every music enthusiast or band for music production and practice. You are sure welcome to enjoy yourself, have some rest from school or work or just practice.

It is available at the B block basement.

If you are interested, you can join the Music room’s Facebook group.


  • Electric piano KAWAI, high quality mechanics (sample: 9x piano, 4x electric piano) + USB & MIDI output
  • Drumset + cajon + set of microphones to record the drumset
  • Dynamic microphones Shure SM57 and omnidirectional condensator microphone AT-2035
  • Bass + Marshall combo
  • Electric guitar + Fender combo + digital effect
  • 12 channel mix table PHANTOM 24/48 (delay effects, condensator mics, etc.)
  • Amplifier + 2 high quality PA speakers MACKIE S512M
  • Digital sound interface TASCAM for recording

The room has constant camera surveillance.

Registration process

Dormitory residents

Already a club member?

Ask a televizor to give you the 10 day free access trial. If you do not have your card connected to your Hydra account, go to the Music room and scan it 5 times via the scanner and remember the scanning time. Then visit any televizor to finish the process.

If you already have your card connected to your Hydra account, you only need to go through the Music room Operating rules and enjoy your stay at the Music room. Just do not forget to make the Music room payment after your free trial and keep enjoying!

Not a club member just yet?

Before the club registration process itself visit the Music room and scan the card 5 times via the card reader next to the door and remember the scanning time. Seek a televizor afterwards and he or she will guide you through the rest of the process.

Not a dormitory resident

We tend to prioritize dormitory residents to join, however Music room manager determines if a new external member can join.

If you are interested, send an email to hudebna@pod.cvut.cz, let us know which instrument do you play, when do you plan on visiting the Music room and if you plan to visit it alone or in a group. If you will get approved, you will also need to register to our club and go through the Music room Operating rules.

Operating rules

  1. Access to dormitory Club Pod-O-Lee SU CTU’s Music room (furthermore just Music room) is granted only to Pod-O-Lee club members, which pay the Music room club’s membership payment. They by the registration agree to Music room’s Operating rules and usage of service “Music room”.
  2. Card system is used to access the room. Every Music room user is obliged to log in his/her card via the card reader upon entering the room. Except for this occasion the Music room door need to be closed at all times! Everyone needs to use his/her own card to access. It is forbidden to access via another member’s card. These violations WILL be punished by BANning the member from further usage of the room.
  3. Music room opening hours are from 7:00 to 22:00. Exception can be made after an agreement with the Music room manager.
  4. User is obliged to keep the Music room clean. Guitars need to be set at their hangers in their packaging, rhythmic drum control’s belt needs to be loosen along with the top cymbals, all the cables need to be winded and hanged at the hooks (except for piano cable along with the cinch line-in inputs), amplifier needs to be turned off along with every electrical and electronical device, PC, active speaker and extension cables with switch, microphone and music holder stands and stools need to be cleaned to their original state.
  5. Smoking, eating, drinking and dirty shoes is prohibited in the Music room. The only exception is given to plastic bottles which need to be closed upon finishing drinking. All the litter and packings is needed to be thrown out. User is obliged to keep the floor, table and shelves clean. Violation of these rules will result in BANning the user as well as charging the user with the fees connected to the cleaning or repairing.
  6. User is obliged to turn off the lights, close the window, check the condition described in point 4 and leave the door with card reader closed. Windows can be opened only because of ventilation at the music breaks (due to noise). It is prohibited to manipulate with the air duct controls.
  7. It is prohibited to manipulate with the Music room’s equipment outside of the room itself without an agreement with the Music room manager or depute manager. Use the equipment as if it was your own. Short manuals to the equipment is available.
  8. It is prohibited to manipulate with PC in the rack. It is necessary to turn off the PC after your work on PC. It is prohibited to save your data into PC. PC manual is available too.
  9. For the priority access to Music room use the reservation system at https://olymp.pod.cvut.cz. Every user can reserve up to 4 hours a week. Reserved user has always a priority upon the non-reserved user. When nobody has a reservation, every user can use the Music room as he/she pleases, but only at the above mentioned opening hours. Only the Music room manager or deputy manager has a priority over reserved users, but only due to justified reasons.
  10. User is responsible to the damage in Music room. If the equipment suffers damage via non-standard usage, the user is obliged to report it to Music room manager or deputy manager and provide new equipment upon his/her own expense, or provide its repair. If the user chooses not to notify, the damage is taken as caused by the latest user before finding out the damage. Guitar picks and drum mallets are considered consumer goods and it is highly suggested to bring your own.
  11. If the user wants to present the Music room to his/her colleague, which would be potentially interested in he service and he/she would like to try it out, it is possible, however only with the previous permission given by Music room manager or deputy manager. It can be requested via email at least a day prior taking place - in this situation the user is obliged to make sure his/her colleague is familiar with the Operating rules. Tour can be given to any other registered club member by the Music room’s manager or deputy manager.
  12. In justified cases the Club Pod-O-Lee’s leadership can grant an exception to these rules.
  13. Any violation of Operating rules will be punished by the below BAN rules, Pod-O-Lee rules, or laws of the Czech Republic.

BAN rules upon violation of Operating rules

  1. User violating points no. 1, no. 2 and no. 8 listed in Operating rules and lets unauthorized access to Music room will get BANned at least to the end of the ongoing semester. In case a group of users will do the same, all members of the group will get the same punishment. Upon equipment damage done by the unauthorized access the damage is taken as if the user/group was causing it.
  2. User, or users violating points no. 3, no. 4, no. 5 , no. 6 or no. 7 listed in Operating rules will get BANned for at least 30 days.
  3. BANs are granted by the Music room’s manager or deputy manager, eventually leadership of Pod-O-Lee club.
  4. In case of repeated violation of any of the points or in case of heavy violation, the Music room’s manager or deputy manager can grant a permanent BAN.
  5. Duration of a BAN can be shortened or completely revoked upon carrying out some kind of beneficial activity either for Music room or for the Club Pod-O-Lee only after prior agreement with Music room’s manager or deputy manager.