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Pod-O-Games is a room dedicated to gamers and movie projections located in A block ground floor. There is PS4 with VR, Nintendo Switch and Oculus Quest 2. To name a few, for NS we have Mariokart Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokemon Shield. For PS4 we have the Mafia trilogy, Red Dead Redemption II, Fifa 19 and for VR we have Superhot, Beat Saber or Gran Turismo.

Complete list of games is available here: List of games in Pod-O-Games.

Games 02

The room is equipped with a 4K projector to which you can also connect your own PC and watch a movie. Sound is delivered by Bose speakers, so we apologize to everyone above the gaming room. There are also a handful of fatboys and a convertible couch. We also have racing seat Playseat Fanatec, in which you can enjoy racing games.

The operating rules are below. Everyone receiving the keys to the room is obliged to leave a signature indicating an agreement with the rules and agrees that not only him/herself, but also everyone visiting the room understands the rules. Breaking any of the rules will be punished by further ban from using the room.

Operating rules

1. Introductory statements

  1. Pod-O-Games is a project of student club Pod-O-Lee, which is a part of CTU Student Union (furthermore “SU”).
  2. These operating rules are in effect for the Pod-O-Games room, which is located at A029.
  3. Visitor is every person entering the Pod-O-Games room.
  4. The person borrowing the key (furthermore “Borrower”) is the person who reserves the room in the Olymp reservation system.
  5. By receiving the keys to the room the Borrower is obliged to follow all the operating rules and inherits all the responsibilities stated in this list of operating rules.

2. Rights and responsibilities

  1. The Borrower can visit the room after making a reservation.
  2. Only the visitors without a ban are allowed into the room.
  3. Upon entering the room all the visitors agree with recording a video, which can be used in case of violation of any of the rules. Camera recordings treatment is set in IP1/2020 about Camera recording.
  4. Borrower is responsible for himself and all the visitors, which visited the room from the time of getting the keys to the time of returning the keys. The Borrower is also obliged to pay for every damage dealt to the room and its equipment by him or the visitors to which he granted access to the room.
  5. Borrower and all the visitors who the Borrower let into the room are obliged to leave the room at the latest at the end of the reservation.
  6. Borrower is obliged to check the state of the room and its equipment upon entering them for the first time and report any damage or mess.
  7. After finding out about the damage or the equipment the charges are to be paid by the latest borrower according to the reservation system.
  8. Any kind of footwear is prohibited in the room.
  9. Every visitor is obliged to put their footwear into the footwear cabinet next to the door.
  10. Carrying equipment out from the Pod-O-Games room is prohibited, unless the admin says otherwise.
  11. Upon breaking the operating rules the culprit can be punished by ban from the Pod-O-Games room, or ban from the basic Pod-O-Lee club membership, which among other things means disconnecting from the network.
  12. Upon breaking the Pod-O-Games operating rules at which the third party property takes damage, the culprit is obliged to pay for the damage.
  13. Inside Pod-O-Games everyone is obliged to follow basic hygienic habits and to put everything into the original state.
  14. Everyone is obliged to respect and follow the Pod-O-Games operating rles, internal rules of the Pod-O-Lee club, the Pod-O-Lee code of rules, the SU code of rules and the laws of The Czech Repubic.
  15. Inside the Pod-O-Games room is prohibited:
    • drinking of alcoholic drinks,
    • eating,
    • drinking from any other than closable plastic bottles,
    • smoking,
    • reproduction of loud music or sound in general,
    • manipulation with the cables or moving the projector.

3. Steps to borrow the room

  1. Before entering the room is necessary to have a reservation at least 24 hours before in the Olymp reservation system.
  2. Send an e-mail with important info (date, name, room, ID) to
  3. Upon entering the room, the Borrower states that he/she has read and understands the Operating rules.

4. Rules of reservation

  1. The Borrower confirms the reservation upon taking over the keys and entering the room.
  2. Max duration of reservation is 6 hours.
  3. Reservation can be modifiet 24 hours before its begining.
  4. Reservation can be made max 14 days in advance.
  5. Entering the room can be max 15 minutes before the start of the reservation.