Managers: Contacts


Instructions for lending a grill

  1. Create a reservation in the Olymp reservation system.
    • Enter into your browser.
    • Log in is the same as in the Hydra system.
    • Check the Rooms tab to see if the grill is available for that date.
    • If so, make a reservation in the Reservations tab.
  2. Send an email with important details to
    • Your full name, ID (can be found in the Hydra) and room.
    • What do you want to rent and when do you want to rent it.
  3. Based on your email, your request will be processed.
  4. You will then be contacted by the Dorm Group Leader or one of the representatives to arrange to hand over the equipment.

Bookings must be made in advance (ideally a week in advance) for us to have time to respond and prepare everything for handover.

Operating rules for the grill

  1. By entering the grill area you are obliged to follow these operating rules. If you do not agree with these rules, leave the grill area.
  2. The grill is ONLY to be rented by the DORM GROUP LEADER or his/her deputy with the approval of the college administration upon prior reservation in the Olymp system and only to club members. ENTRY WITHOUT THE COLLEGE GROUP LEADER’S CONSENT is classified as a VIOLATION OF THE RULES OF ORDER.
  3. With transfer of grill accessories is the person receiving the accessories defined as the organizer of the event.
  4. The event organizer shall report any defects or damaged equipment when first entering the grill area.
  5. The event organizer is responsible for all the people present at the event (i.e. all people in and around the grill area), and is also responsible for noise, equipment damage, and the condition of the grill area.
  6. Starting the fire outside the designated area and the use of liquid lighter is FORBIDDEN for fire protection reasons.
  7. CONSUMPTION OF MIND ALTERING or other substances not permitted by law and is PROHIBITED in the grill area. Except for alcohol.
  8. PEEING OR POOPING is PROHIBITED in the grill area.
  9. Prior to termination of the event organizer status (returning the grill accessories to the college group leader or his/her deputy) MUST CLEAN OUT ALL ACCESSORIES (especially the meat rack), REMOVE ASHES FROM THE GRILL, and PROPERLY CLEAN UP THE GRILL and surrounding area.
  10. Any damage to the grill or items around it must be reported and arrangements made for replacement. Not doing so will be treated as deliberate damage to college equipment. The penalties are clearly set out in the college regulations.
  11. Damage caused will be repaired or paid for, any financial debt will be recovered by the college management.
  12. After 10 p.m. it is necessary to follow the night peace.

If the rules are broken, the person responsible will be put on the blacklist. This will result in the loss of the possibility to use the services of the Dormitory Group (drinking room, beer dispenser, grill). In the case of a more serious (or repeated) violation of the rules, the responsible member may be banned in the Pod-O-Lee Club.

Grill for dummies by Vojta

  1. If you don’t like rules, don’t come to the grill.
  2. I am the only one who lends the grill. You are not supposed to be there if you don’t have a reservation.
  3. I gave you the accessories for the grill -> You are the EVENT ORGANIZER.
  4. Something is broken? Tell me now, not after the event.
  5. You’re an organizer -> You’re in charge and responsible for everything.
  6. START THE FIRE ONLY IN THE GRILL and DO NOT USE LIQUID fire starter to avoid burning the whole dorms.
  7. DON’T USE DRUGS OVER HERE, have a beer and a piece of meat.
  8. TOILETS ARE AT THE BLOCKS, not around the grill.
  10. If you break something, TELL ME, because we’re going to figure it out anyway and then it’s going to get worse.
  11. You REPAIR or PAY for what you broke. It can happen to anyone, it’s just a matter of agreement on a solution.
  12. AFTER 10 P.M., TURN THE VOLUME DOWN. There are other people in the dorms, and some of them want to sleep.

PS: WE ARE ADMINS, NOT CLEANERS, and we do it for free. We can punish you with BAN or put you on the BLACKLIST, but we don’t like to do it, so don’t give us a reason.