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For every party a beer tap is needed. The one we can lend you has two outputs and has an integrated compressor.

There are several types of available barrel heads (the part which connects the beer tap to the barrel):

-“Bayonet”, S-TYPE - The most commonly used barrel head used for Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Radegast, Birell, Kozel, Budvar, Lobkowicz breweries, Primator etc. -“Iron”, A-TYPE - Flat barrel head used for Svijany, Krakonoš, Staropramen, Litovel etc. -“Combi”, M-TYPE - Very similar to the “Iron” Type, however cannot be mistaken and is used for Kofola and some other breweries.

How to make a reservation

  1. Make a reservation in our reservation system Olymp.
  2. Send an e-mail with crucial info (name, date, ID, room) to
  3. Based on this email the Head of dormitory group will contact you and you will agree on lending you a beer tap and accessories.
  4. Amount of 2 000 CZK is collected as a returnable deposit.

Reservation has to be made IN ADVANCE (a week prior is ideal), so we can have reaction and preparation time.

Beer tap lend rules

  1. Whoever borrows the beer tap is responsible for it (furthermore reffered to as the person responsible).
  2. The beer tap is lent by the Head of dormitory group or his deputy in exchange for the returnable deposit and dorm ID.
  3. Immediately after borrowing the beer tap the person responsible is obliged to report all the damages to the admin.

Before returnal is necessary to:

  • Clean the beer tap from the outside.
  • Clean the beer tap and pipes (only the parts which conduct beer, DO NOT CLEAN THE AIRFLOW ONES!).

If the beer tap or any its part receives any damage during the time of lending it is obliged to report the damage and make an agreement on the form of compensation. If the damage is not reported, it will be recognized as an intentional damaging of the Pod-O-Lee club equipment.

The person responsible will be put on the blacklist upon breaking the rules. If a person is put on the blacklist, the usage of Drinking room, grill and the beer tap will be unavailable. Upon worse or repeated violation of the rules the person responsible can be suggested to a three month long ban to the basic membership in the Pod-O-Lee club.