Club events calendar

Event for newcomers/firstgraders

Main goal of this event is to familiarize students with the Podolí dormitory life. The event includes a discussion with representatives of respective organisations which makes an opportunity to greet other students living at the dormitory and to include oneself to the new social bubble with ones colleagues. Presentations about the dormitory are being projected and the discussion with invited guests and students follows.

There are multiple tables representing each of the main services, fun activities and the Pod-O-Lee club itself. There is also a tour around the dormitory to show people where to find everything.

The evening also includes beer, sweet drink and something to eat aswell.

Freshman’s guide to Podolí

Halloween party

A competition for the best disguise, beerpong, photo booth and a lot of fun with fun people. That is what the Halloween party is all about.

Podolí Christmas

The annual event has a goal to set the atmosphere for upcoming holidays. Grilled sausages, hot griot, tea, tea with rum and mulled wine can be grabbed there. The czech tradition of christmas biscuts and smaller pieces of gingerbread is also being respected.

The christmas atmosphere is also boosted by a bit of a copmetition element. The main goal is to make peace, greet new people and have fun.

Podolí Velentine’s day

Event not only for those without their significant other to spend the evennig unalone.


MEZI BLOKY is a music open air festival which tries to support less known and starting bands and creativity of students. It also promotes student associations and the culture of Prague.

Everything isn’t about music. Throughout the whole day there are various activities, such as body zorbing, jumping boots, simulators and drinking games. There is also a chillout zone and plenty of competitions taking place in front of the main stage. Afterparty is also taking place.

From last year

Last year 15th event took place on 15th May 2022. Main stage was occupied by Amazing Whores, Popcorn, Forgot It’s Monday, Ventolin and Circus Brothers. The other stage held the Hellway and Koja performance. There was also a possibility to try the F1 simulator, visit the Girl zone or try various competitions.

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Meet the block administrators

Are you new at the dorm? Do you want to know more people including the people who can unlock your doors for you or give you access to various things such as internet or gym? For this very purpose this event takes place at every block. For more info including the date of next meet your admin event: